The 10 Most Disturbing Guitar Faces

Sep 28th, 2009 | By | Category: Guitar Fun

The music created is the paramount criteria to by which to judge any guitar player but the delivery of the music is also vital. The live performance is a crucial means of connecting with established and potential fans. And what’s one of the most important aspects of the live performance for any guitar player: their guitar face! All guitarists want to look cool when they’re tearing it up. Here are ten instances when quite the opposite occurred.

I’m a huge fan of Gary Moore so this pic makes me sad because it looks like he’s been shot.

Joe Satriani is a guitar hero to so many players out there but here he just looks confused.

Stevie Ray Vaughn wants to know - Peeew! What smells?

BB King stop clowning around and play the blues.

Brian May looks like he can’t quite make up his mind.

Yngwie! One of my heroes but not for his modesty or his physique.

Pat Methany Don’t cry Pat, it’ll be OK.

Prince looking like he’s squealing because of a mouse at his feet

Ummm… I think we can all guess what Ritchie Sambora looks like he’s doing here – sitting on his throne squeezing one out

Rob Trujillo is scaring me. He looks like he’s storming the wall at Helm’s Deep

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  1. Funny shit!! A runner up would be Eddie Van Halen who always looks like he took a hit of laughing gas.

  2. Great pics, but it should have been 10 shots of John Mayer. He makes the most ridiculous faces I’ve ever seen!

  3. they should have included this one

  4. Where’s Paul Leary from the Butthole Surfers?
    He always looked like he was have a stroke while
    being anally raped.

  5. One that should have made the top-ten is Johny Lang.

    Beyond seeing him in videos/Blues Bros’ 2k, I worked his show once.

    Boy (at the time) looked like he was having an orgasm every time he hit a solo. He was phenomenal.

  6. My personal opinion of your photograph collection is that i hate it, and i hate you. There are a PLETHORA of genuinely goofy “guitar faces” and you may have included one. The others are just faces.

  7. hey man, when you’re inside the groove, who knows what may happen to your face.

  8. Chris Hayes, of Huey Lewis and the News, should receive a special honor here. Combine one part Jim Carey rubber face, two parts really bad white-man-overbite and one part fouled soccer player exaggeration; now do this for EVERY SINGLE solo – that’s him.

  9. Dean Ween looks AWFUL when he shreds.

  10. wheres robin trower…..thats some funny shit all show long


  12. Very comprehensive list of guitar players youve assembled. Wonderful choices.

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