Gibson SG Guitar Now and Forever

The Gibson SG is a beautiful electric guitar that features two identical cutouts right where the neck meets the body. This is the signature look that has become synonymous with the Gibson SG guitar look, and is part of what makes this guitar so iconic. This guitar is perhaps most known for Angus Young, the amazing AC/DC guitar player who has been playing a Gibson SG for about as long as most people can remember. But why are the cutouts shaped the way they are? Well, there are a few reasons for it, and whether you have a Gibson SG special or a Gibson SG standard, the reasons are going to remain about the same. Basically, the cutouts serve two functions. First, they look really radical. They are pointy, come to a nice, sharp arc, and just look hardcore which is why so many rockers have chosen to make the Gibson SG electric guitar their staple instrument of choice. But the cutouts also help lead guitar players gain access to the higher points of the neck, something that they desperately need if they want to play those high, screaming notes way up on the fretboard. So, while there might be other benefits to the cutouts, these are two of the main ones.

There are a lot of different Gibson SG guitars out there. There are also a lot of color schemes. A lot of people favor the Gibson SG faded because it looks more like a classic rock guitar. Or, you could get a Gibson SG custom guitar, packed with special features or even made with a less-normal color. There have even been some Gibson SG reissue guitars from the past, so if you have ever wanted one that went out of style, now might be your chance! Several Gibson SG guitars have been reissued over the course of the guitars lifespan, which can offer you a great opportunity to play a great guitar that you might have missed out on the first time around. And for those tapping the bass out there, did you know that you can even get a Gibson SG bass? Yes, you can and you can even get most of the colors available on the Gibson SG electric guitars.

One of the most popular SGs is the Gibson SG faded special. This guitar features a special faded shade of color that is unusually stunning. Another very popular Gibson electric is the Gibson SG cherry. Cherry is perhaps one of the most common SG colors, and for good reason nobody makes a cherry colored guitar like Gibson!

The Gibson SG 61model was the first Gibson SG to go on the market, but it was originally supposed to bear the Les Paul label. Les Paul, however, did not like the new style, and he asked that his name be removed from it. Some say that SG stands for solid guitar, while other believe it stands for standard Gibson. Either way, it was hoped that this guitar would compete better with the Fender Stratocaster. While this model was not officially sanctioned by Les Paul, several models were built bearing his signature on the nameplate. This was because the Gibson factory was very abundant with them, and up until 1963, some were sold with this nameplate attached. The guitar was sold with the tagline the fastest neck in the world, and it just might have been. The neck was thinner, and the special pointed cutaways offered access to the neck that few guitars of that day did. Vintage guitars from this era are highly sought after

The Gibson SG is packed with features that make it the dream guitar of any guitar player. It has a solid body, a set neck, and a 24.75 scale length. Some of these bodies were made from mahogany, but others were made from Male, Birch Laminate, and maple. The neck on the Gibson SG as been constructed of Mahogany, Maple, and Birth laminate, and the fretboards have been either Maple, Ebony, or Rosewood. Most SG models feature a fixed Gibson Vibrato bridge, though some have been outfitted with a Tune-o-matic. Most of the Gibson Sgs come with one or more hum bucker pickups, though there were some entry level models that shipped with single coil pickups.

Basically, the Gibson SG is a killer guitar for any guitar player who wants to own a little bit of guitar history. They might be more expensive then just the average guitar, but when you buy a Gibson, you are not just buying another guitar you are buying from the company that has been putting professional guitars into the hands of professional guitar players for years.

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  1. I always found this guitar to have a rather perculiar look. I have actually noticed many rock players using the SG Faded model, so you right on the money.

    Well, I guess GIBSON says it all….you can’t wrong:-)



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