Gibson Explorer Retrospective

The Gibson Explorer is a type of electric guitar that was originally built by Gibson back in 1958. The design of the Gibson was very futuristic and radical for its time, and was held in the same respect as the Gibson flying V guitar, which was also a popular design. gibson-explorer-guitarThis guitar became especially popular among heavy metal musicians in the seventies and eighties, mostly due to its radical and futuristic design. It also has a killer tone that heavy metal and hard rock musicians really like. There were very few of these guitars made in the first year of their production, and this had made first-year Gibson Explorers extremely rare and expensive. If they can be found in good condition, they are often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

There are several Gibson Explorer models made, including the X-plorer studio, which is a smaller version made to be used comfortably in the smaller space of the studio. After awhile, a prototype of the Gibson Explorer was turned in the Futura, which is actually a lot like the Explorer.
gibson-korina-futura-explorerThe Gibson Explorer is quite a work of art, featuring a solid wood body; a set neck joint; a 24.75 scale length; korina, mahogany, alder, or maple bodies; a korina, mahogany, or maple neck; a rosewood or ebony fretboard; a tune-o-matic bridge; and two hum-bucker pickups. They come in several colors as well, including Ebony, classic white, cherry, or natural. gibson-explorer-bassThere are even Explorer bass guitars.

The gibson xplorer has several variants that are made to resemble it. One of these are made by Epiphone, which is actually a company owned by Gibson. Epiphone makes guitars that are built from cheaper materials so that they can be offered at a much lower cost than the Gibson models for people looking for entry level instruments. Epiphone makes several variants of the Explorer, including a goth model that is black with special trim to make it look unique. These are very popular guitars, especially among guitar players who either cannot afford a Gibson, or those who just want entry level guitars to play for fun.

There are not only a lot of straight up models for you to choose from, but there are also a lot of special models available. For example, in 2001, Gibson produced a limited edition Eric Clapton original from 1974. They have also issued a 50 year commemorative Explorer, which has a mahogany body in the style of the new retro Explorer. There were not many models of this version produced but there are many more special models to choose from. The main point is that there is a Gibson Explorer to suit your tastes, no matter who you are. Also, these guitars are not overly expensive, so you might find them more affordable then you previously thought.

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